Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bukit Tinggi Resort

Sunday 9th April 2006 - We took the MRR2, taking the route towards Kuantan using the Karak Highway. Here, you can see a snapshot of Bukit melawati in the background.

We left home at about 10.30am & reached there at about 11.30am. The entry fee is RM16 adult (RM8 for children). This will entitle you to visit 3 main attractions there: (1) Japanese Tea Farm (2) French Town (3) Rabbit Farm

On arrival, we head straight to the Japanese Tea Farm. The picture below is the parking area (our Gen2 can be seen here). The other picture is the one overlooking the ridge by the edge of the parking area.

But, of course this is not sufficient without the models posing in front of it....

From the parking lot, there are shuttle coaches that will take you nearer to the Japanese Gardens. Its walking distance but on an uphill track. Good exercise if you feel like it.

This Japanese Garden ore Japanese Village as the signboard says, claims to be the first created in a tropical country. What does that actually means, don't ask me!

So here we are, walking up the steps to reach the inner sanctum of the garden...

We were first greeted by this pretty pond which has a lot of koi fish bred in it.

Kak yong & muaz pictured here in a quaint japanese waiting house - Another pretty pond awaits us beyond this structure.

We have Ina here showing the pond just after the waiting house...

And, I didn't forgone the chance to have a picture taken..

Next stop is the French-themed resort aka Colmar Tropicale....

The final stop is at the Rabbit Farm - The farm also has a pony trail beside it where visitors can go on pony rides. Deers are also seen close to the pony trail.