Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jakarta Trip - Dec 2008 (Day 2)

0345 early riser.. Haha.. Subuh prayers begin at 0406 haha.

0530 just had to go online. Im having withdrawal symptoms haha. Busted idr55k.

0630 breakfast at the hotel. Food ok but do mind about mosquitoes. The hotel lounge is infested with them. Cant say much whether this is the norm all over jakarta but the city is swampy.

The toilets beside the reception is not good either. Its not well maintained. One is not properly flushed, the other reeked with the smell of urine. The ladies complain that theirs do not have water.

So any special appointment at the small office better done at the hotel room.... hehe

0740 waiting for the bus.

0807 off we go to safari park our first destination for the day.

Its a working day in jakarta as we make our way out of the city. The offices normally open at 9am which is not diff back home.

Since we have daylight now, we managed to sample scenes from the shantytowns existing at the outskirts of jakarta.

Our children remarked,"sian nye, cmne diarg hidup ek". Well boys and girls, this is one of the things we come to realise that malaysia is comparatively better to other nations when we venture beyond our shores.

The 1st dwelling that existed in jakarta is beside ciliwung river. It is reputed to be very clean in the early existence of Jakarta but now.... more like a garbage dump ....

Bung Karno, the 1st indonesian president, is fond of building monunents & statues during his time in office.

One of them is Patung dirgantara (i think dats the name) situated by the highway which we passed by and i managed to snap a shot.

It was done during the time when economic conditions in jakarta n indonesia generally was very bad as it just gained its independence.

But he considered it a priority in the interest of nation building. Indonesia, after a long colonial rule under its dutch master, has left bangsa indonesia meek and weak.

He argued that by building big but expensive monuments, it would inspire the nation into becoming proud and bold in in its thinking.

This, with his extraordinary oratory flair plus his visionary manner in conducting his international political affairs has managed to catapult indonesia into a strong nation.

Admittedly this is debatable but u have to take into consideration that its not easy to mould indonesia with its 220m inhabitants spread over many islands into one comprehensive nation sharing the same values.

1000 tiba di Puncak, kota hujan. Its not surprising since it was raining when we arrived.
The destination is the safari park.

The safari houses a commendable collection of animals. Better than in malaysia. They even have bisons which i have never seen in malaysia.

1200 departs safari park for lunch.

1300 Lunch is at restaurant rindu alam situated 1200m above sea level. Talapia goreng with sambal kicap, belacan, maggi grg, satay ayam n kmbing, rojak pecal.

The restaurant sits on the highest threshold and hence we start to descend into bogor territory as we journey towards bandung.

1400 stopped for solat in cipanas. Broke my glasses. It happened just after i did my wuduk, the tiles were slippery since its not of the matted type. I was lucky dat i didnt broke my elbow but just bruised my arm.

And i have to be contented that the frame is still intact though i have to continue my journey in indonesia as a one-eye.

1500 stop over in snack factory in cianjur.

1655 arrived in bndung.

Bndung is presented as artsy town but has grown into a metropolis.

Boasting a population of approx 3m, is 3rd largest after jakrta n surabaya.

Sukarno has used bandung to host asia africa nations conference in the 60's which became the precursor for the formation of the Non Alliance Movement (NAM). This is one of sukarno's major contribution to international politics as one of the founder of NAM.

1800 shopping at toko jaya in bandung. Original levis at knockdown prices.

1900 shopping continued at summit n heritage.

2035 dinner at restaurant.... With nasi liwat as the main attraction. hmmm.... no pun intended.... Pak Heru did mention that it has nothing to do with Bung Anwar in Malaysia as the name implied rice cooked with all herbs contained in it.

2200 checked into hotel new sanyrosa.

22300 after solat jamak, i was again down with sinus and just went ot sleep like a baby after a tablet of actifed...


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